Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Enron Body Count

It was reported today that an Enron witness, Neil Coulbeck, was found dead in a London park. (LINK)

This follows the death last week of Enron chief Ken Lay who was awaiting sentencing for his conviction of conspiracy and fraud.

The suddenness of Lay's death, reportedly due to a massive heart attack, raised a few eyebrows. Some speculated that he might still be alive and living under a sort of Criminal Protection Program. Others speculated he might have been murdered.

It also seemed odd that the following day former Secretary of State Colin Powell, in Aspen for a seminar led by former President Bill Clinton, was admitted to the same hospital where Lay died and treated by the same doctors who had attempted to save Lay's life. Could there be a connection between Lay's sudden death and Powell's sudden illness (if that's what it was). Was the murder of one man followed by the attempted murder of another?

Russian writer Sorcha Faal alleges that the Aspen seminar may in fact have been a meeting between two rival factions of the world's elite, the purpose of which was to work out their differences regarding a proposed North American Union. (LINK) According to Faal, Lay was murdered by one faction when he threatened to expose certain secrets unless his conviction was overturned. Following this murder, Faal writes, the opposing faction retaliated by attempting to murder Powell. Faal also writes that the two factions have since declared a truce.

Coulbeck's death, however, indicates that if Faal is correct--if there is indeed a war between two factions, and if last week's events were followed by a truce--it was a short-lived truce.

For further discussion of this topic, read this article: Factions Bubble To Surface.