Friday, September 22, 2006

Today on "Out the Rabbit Hole"

A reminder that later today (Friday, Sept. 22) at 4 pm Pacific / 5 pm Mountain / 6 pm Central / 7 pm Eastern, I will be Robert Larson's guest on “Out the Rabbit Hole,” broadcast on KUCI in Irvine, California. You can listen live at and in Irvine and the LA area on 88.9 FM. We'll be discussing the Multiple Oswalds Theory that formed the basis of my noir comic story "My Gun Is Long" in the anthology "Hotwire," recently published by Fantagraphics. We'll also likely touch on another JFK-related piece of mine, the autobiographical "1963" which appeared last year in Chronicle Books' anthology "Roadstrips." In addition we hope to get into other topics, such as 9/11, prophetic dreams, and as much as we can pack into the hour-long show.