Thursday, November 09, 2006

“Hard Working” Illegal Brutally Murders Actress

It was confirmed today that the death last week of film actress Adrienne Shelly was due to murder at the hands of an illegal immigrant from Ecuador.

The illegal was involved in some sort of renovation work underneath Shelly’s apartment when she asked him to keep the noise down. In the confrontation that followed, he threw down his hammer, followed her to her apartment, and brutally murdered her.

The contractor who hired the illegal stated, "He just seemed to be another hard worker immigrant. We cannot comprehend how a regular working day turned into a crime scene."

What’s so difficult to comprehend? Illegals are called illegals for a reason: They are in this country illegally. If they do not respect our immigration laws, why should they respect any other law?

Shelly’s death at the hands of an illegal is not an isolated incident. The list of crimes committed by these “hard workers” is shocking, and grows longer every day.

We do not need new laws to stop the surge of illegals into this country. We just need to enforce the laws we’ve already got. If only the government had done this, a great many US citizens would be alive today.