Thursday, November 16, 2006

UCLA Police Taser Student Without ID

As the gut-wrenching video above shows, a UCLA student was viciously Tasered by campus cops Tuesday night in an incident that has so far not been explained by the UCLA administration.

According to this story, the student was using a computer in a university library when he was asked by staff to present his ID. He was unable to produce one, therefore was asked to leave. A few minutes later, as he was attempting to leave the library, he was stopped by the cops. When one of the cops grabbed his arm, he objected. His objections were verbal, and loud, but non-violent.

It was at this point that the cops began repeatedly Tasering the student. Other students loudly objected to the cops’ behavior. Some asked the cops for their names and badge numbers. The cops responded by threatening to Taser these students as well.

Tasers are meant to be used as an alternative to deadly force in violent situations. They were never meant to enforce compliance, to punish, or to discourage persons from criticizing the cops and asking them for their badge numbers. Clearly, these cops were out of line. UCLA should immediately fire them and criminal charges should be filed.

Thugs belong in jail, not on the police force.