Saturday, December 09, 2006

Beware 4-Year-Olds Who Hug

There once was a time, before this became a Sissy Pants Nation, when a hug from a four-year-old child was interpreted simply as an expression of love and affection.

But these days, in the Sissy Pants Nation, we know better; we see darker motives behind everything, even a child’s hug. No longer does it express love; now it is considered a sexual advance, sexual harassment, an attempted molestation or rape; it is nasty and foul and sick and wicked, and must be punished. The filthy little pervert must be taught a lesson.

A four-year-old boy in Belmead, Texas, is learning this lesson. While lining up to board a school bus recently, he hugged a teacher’s aide, and in the process rubbed his face in her chest, prompting the school to suspend him and to issue a stern letter to his parents, describing the boy's behavior as "sexual contact and/or sexual harassment." (LINK)

The boy’s father has called the school’s handling of this incident “ridiculous,” stating that his pre-kindergartner son is too young to understand sexual matters. In addition, he has demanded that the incident be expunged from his son’s record and that the teacher's aide apologize. These demands have been denied.

When did this become such a Sissy Pants Nation? When did we become such a nervous bunch of uptight, prim-and-proper, politically-correct, zero-tolerance, virginal old maids, ever vigilant for the slightest threat to our precious chastity, always on the look-out for the slightest hint that someone might have lascivious designs on our persons, even going so far as to perceive something perverse in a little boy's hug? When, oh when, did it happen?

Sissy Pants Nation, Sissy Pants Nation, we all piss our britches in the Sissy Pants Nation when four-year-old children dare to hug …