Monday, January 08, 2007

Breaking News: Dead Birds in Downtown Austin

There is a peculiar news story breaking here in Austin as I write this. Dozens of dead birds were found downtown in the early morning hours along a ten-block stretch of Congress Avenue, starting from Cesar Chavez Street and ending at the Texas State Capitol. The capitol is about a ten-minute walk to the south of my present location.

According to the most recent report, the area has been closed to the public while tests are conducted to audit the air quality. Apparently no dead birds have been found on other streets.

The sky is clear today. Earlier this morning I noticed a chemtrail running east to west, but it has since dissipated. As of a few minutes ago, the only thing in the sky was a jet plane leaving a normal contrail.

I am experiencing a sore throat and flu-like tiredness this morning. However, I had the same symptoms yesterday and have no reason to believe it is anything other than one of the usual bugs that go around this time of year. But, you never know …