Friday, January 05, 2007

The Invasion

The Mexican government is giving handheld satellite navigation devices to enable its people to enter this country illegally. This fits my definition of an invasion. (So does attacking National Guard troops, by the way.)

It is claimed that this is being done to save lives. However, if the Mexican government truly cared for its people, it would do something to alleviate the foul conditions that are causing its people to risk their lives coming to this country in the first place.

No, what we are seeing is part of a plot to destroy national sovereignty and set up a North American Union. This is not conspiracy theory, this is fact.

Don’t buy into the lie, promoted by CFR propagandists such as Tom Brokaw, that illegal immigrants are only doing the jobs Americans won’t do. After the recent raid on a Swift meat-packing plant, in which immigration agents hauled off hundreds of undocumented workers, the line of American citizens applying for their vacated jobs was out the door