Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Butt Bomb Searches Begin at Airports

Two months ago I warned that airport security would soon be searching for butt bombs. My prediction has now come true.

The Lancet, a British medical journal, is reporting that immigration officials at a New York airport recently discovered a seton (a medical device used to treat digestive disorders) inside a man's rectum. The officials had never seen a seton, and became concerned that it might be attached to a drug package or a bomb. Therefore, the man was denied entry into the country unless he consented to the seton's removal. He consented, and it was removed by an airport doctor, who claimed that he had never seen such a device either. (LINK via Boing-Boing)

They x-ray shoes, they confiscate toothpaste, they search women’s breasts, and now they’re searching people’s rectums and confiscating medical devices. There is nothing our government will not do to keep the Homeland safe, except of course destroy the 20 smuggling tunnels on the Mexican border. They don't have the time or money for that …