Thursday, June 14, 2007

NEW PODCAST: Precognitive Dissonance

It's not the grief. I grieve still, but am not distraught. Therefore, I am still able to laugh, still interested in the world, still care about others, and still enjoy a summer morning, with its gentle promise, as well as the glories of the blazing sunset, with its own promise of what tomorrow might be. I grieve, yet I live. And yet, despite this sense of affirmation, I find myself unable to write. I know it will come again. I feel it will come again, with every keystroke as I write this, I feel the words, an entire universe of words, near at hand. But, not yet. And not from lack of energy. I have plenty of energy. Nor from lack of thought, but rather, from an excess. In other words, there's too much thought to set down easily in words, or quickly, and to attempt to do so would only interfere with thought, rather than enable or enhance it.

I have had to recognize that I've gone through a life-changing event, not the first I've experienced in my time, but definitely one of the more profound, and I have to recognize, too, that it is too early to know who I am now, or will become when this period of transition is past. Therefore, I cannot write, at least not now. But the time will come soon, I feel it. The time will come soon when I will know myself again and can write.

In the meantime, I find it easier to talk. Last week, I talked with my friends SMiles Lewis and Craig York on their show "Precognitive Dissonance." That show is now archived and can be downloaded HERE.

That's all for now. I'll be back, soon. Stay tuned ...