Friday, September 14, 2007

Hoffa: Bush creating North American Union

"I think that the whole plan of this Mexican truck demonstration project is part of a larger overall plan,' Hoffa contended. "The goal to basically erase that border so Mexican trucks can run across that border, unload trucks with no security, no supervision, and have them run all the way through from some port on the Pacific Ocean down in Mexico to Kansas City, Detroit and then to Montreal.

"I am convinced that the plan to create a North American Union is what is going on,' Hoffa asserted. "I am convinced big business wants that. Big business hates any types of standards. They don't want to have a minimum wage, they don't want to have safety protections, they don't want to have product inspections, they don't want environmental protection.

"Big business doesn't want to have anything slowing down commerce coming across the borders," he said. "And to do that, they have to erase all standards and they have to have one type of a North American government that would be over Canada, Mexico and the United States ...