Monday, December 03, 2007


Most readers of this blog have seen my on-line comic strips Operation Northwoods and Dead Silence in the Brain. Many have asked if they are available in printed form to hand out as leaflets, put on windshields, etc. I have finally complied with this request by printing a four-page, black-and-white booklet containing both comic strips.

You may purchase 10 copies for $3.00 (postage included), or more at a slightly lower rate:

20 copies for $5
30 for $7
40 for $9
50 for $11
and so on

I’ll take checks, money orders, or Paypal. If you’re paying by check or money order, send it to me at P.O. Box 49575, Austin, TX 78765.

If Paypal, email me for details.

EXTRA-SPECIAL-EARLY-BIRD BONUS: The first ten (10) orders will receive FREE a full-color PsiOp Radio QSL card signed by yours truly.


But wait, don't go away, I've got another AMAZING OFFER...

I now have a limited number of copies of The Bush Junta, signed by yours truly, available for $30 each (postage included).

The quantity is very limited, so I will only be taking Paypal orders for this one and it is imperative that you email me to receive my go-ahead before making your Paypal payment. DO-IT-TODAY-DON’T-WAIT-etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!