Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bill Moyers: Media Ownership Rules

Bill Moyers Journal: On November 2, 2007, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin announced that the Commission would hold the sixth and final public hearing on media consolidation November 9, 2007 in Seattle, Washington. Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein blasted the Chairman’s decision to give the public only five business days notice before the hearing: “With such short notice, many people will be shut out … This is outrageous and not how important media policy should be made.”

Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Zero Tolerance Outrage

Once again, a child has been suspended from school for drawing a gun. This time it was a first grader. Not only did the little terrorist draw a gun, he drew a stick figure killing another stick figure with the gun.

Oh my god! What are we going to do?!?! Help! Help! Everybody run! The stick figure’s got a gun! Raise the terror alert to Red! Lock down the school! Call the SWAT team! Send in the Air Force! Nuke the stick figures! Pass a law against stick figures! Round up all the stick figures! Send ‘em to Gitmo! Waterboard ‘em! Make ‘em talk! Help! Help! The stick figures have guns! Help! The stick figures hate our freedoms! Help! Help! Kill the stick figures! Shoot ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out! Shoot the stick figures! They’re going to kill us all! We’re scared! We’re scared! Help! Help! Suspend the Constitution! Declare martial law! Help! Stick figures are everywhere, and they all have guns! Help! Help! Mommy! Mommy! Help! Save us from the stick figures! Oh dear God in Heaven please protect us in this our trembling hour of fear and dread and pants-wetting terror. Oh please dear God, please smite the stick figures, smite them all! Rain down fire from Heaven! Start the Apocalypse now! End the world! End the world! The stick figures have taken over! We’re all doomed! Help! Help! Save us from the stick figures! Help! Help! Zero tolerance for stick figures! Zero tolerance for stick figures! RED ALERT! RED ALERT! RED ALERT! RED ALERT! HELP! HELP! WE’RE SCARED!!!!!!

Bad Mexico

Mexico, one of the most corrupt nations on earth. Mexico, polluted and filthy, the toxic dump of the Western Hemisphere. Mexico, the place where blackface comedy is still considered funny, where a stereotypical Sambo character was even put on the nation's postage stamps. Mexico, where drunk driving is acceptable. Mexico, cruel to its women. Mexico, land of lavish wealth and gruesome poverty. Mexico, the nation that can't, or won't, take care of its own people, but expects us to do it for them. And expects—no, demands—we give illegal immigrants from Mexico the full rights of US citizenship, while Mexico gives legal immigrants from other countries no rights at all. Mexico, the nation that demands humane treatment for illegal immigrants from Mexico, yet beats, rapes, robs, and kills those who emigrate illegally to Mexico. Mexico, the nation that wants us to give illegal immigrants driver's licenses with no questions asked, yet requires valid visas from foreigners before it will give them driver's licenses. Mexico, land of contradiction. Mexico, land of hypocrisy. Shame on Mexico. Bad Mexico. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Mexican Mafia’s Racial Cleansing Campaign Targets LA

Federal indictments unsealed on October 16 allege that leaders of the Florenza 13 (F 13s) gang acted on orders from the Mexican Mafia to cleanse their neighborhoods of African-American gang and non-gang members. “The most disturbing aspect is that gang members allegedly engaged in a series of attacks … that extended to innocent citizens who ended up being shot simply because of the color of their skin,” said U.S. Attorney Thomas P. O’Brien ... READ MORE

Thursday, November 15, 2007

LIVE TODAY: Join Me on Jack Blood's "Deadline Live"

In one hour (3:30 pm CST) I'll be Jack Blood's guest on Deadline Live on the Genesis Communications Network. The show is in progress right now, so go ahead and tune in! To listen click here and select either Network 1 or 3. In case you miss it, the show will be rebroadcast at 5 pm CST.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Horror: Mass Vaccination Scheduled in Maryland

A frightening situation is developing in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where school officials have expelled 2,300 students because they have not received vaccinations for chickenpox and Hepatitis B. The parents of these students have been ordered to bring their children to Circuit Court on Saturday to be forcibly injected. Those who do not comply are threatened with fines and jail time.

Says Dr. Betty Despenza-Green, “If the child is not here Saturday, then we will move on with the process, meaning that the PPWs and the counselors will put together the packet to take before the state's attorney's office, asking, requesting that criminal charges be implemented."

Says State Attorney Glenn Ivey: "We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way, but it's going to have to get done. I'm willing to move forward with legal action."

There is, however, one small detail being overlooked here: No law exists anywhere in the United States that requires vaccinations. States may recommend vaccinations, but that is all, and if parents do not wish to vaccinate their children, the only thing they have to do is sign a waiver exempting their children. There is, repeat, no law to enforce here, no wrongdoing on the part of the parents.

The only wrongdoing is on the part of school officials who, first, neglected to inform the parents of the vaccination exemption waiver, and second, expelled these children from school without any legal grounds whatsoever. The reason for these expulsions was to create a situation where, in the absence of a law requiring vaccinations, parents could instead be charged under truancy and neglect laws. In other words, children who are not vaccinated will not be allowed to return to school, thus making them truant and their parents legally complicit.

Oh, it’s a devious plot. Big Pharma is behind it, of course. The vaccinations are dangerous, but they are profitable. So, under color of law, taking advantage of the public’s ignorance of actual law, they will stage a mass vaccination this Saturday in Maryland. My god, this is ugly, but of course it's being presented as kind and loving. People will knod approvingly as the children are forcibly vaccinated. Then there will be more mass vaccinations, and more and more. The horror is just beginning.

No Law Says Parents Have to Get Their Children Vaccinated

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Big Things Coming Up

A couple of big things coming up in the next week. Thursday, November 15, I'll be Jack Blood's guest on Deadline Live on the Genesis Communications Network. The show starts at 2 pm CST and can be heard here. I'll be on during the second hour.

Then, on Monday, November 19, 7 pm, I'll be the master of ceremonies at the screening of Dave von Kleist's new documentary 9/11 Ripple Effect. Dave is the co-host (with his wife Joyce Riley) of The Power Hour (another great Genesis program). After the screening, there will be a discussion of 9/11, in which Dave will be joined by Rev. Davidson Loehr, minister at the First Unitarian Universalist Church here in Austin and author of the book American Fascism and God. Then, after the discussion, Dave (an excellent musician and humorist) will perform his latest music. In addition, my PsiOp Radio co-host SMiles Lewis and I will have a table set up to meet people. I'll also be signing copies of The Bush Junta and other works.

Again, this event will be Monday, November 19, 7 pm. Doors open at 6:30. It will be held at the School for the Deaf on South Congress Avenue here in Austin, in the Kleberg building. To see a map and find out more about the event, click here. I hope you can attend!


Comping up tonight in just a few minutes, another LIVE broadcast of PsiOp Radio, hosted by myself and SMiles Lewis, will be broadcast starting at 8 pm EST / 7 pm CST / 6 MST / 5 PST/ 0100 UTC. We are now carried on two networks. To listen on Revere Radio Network, CLICK HERE. To listen on Anomaly Radio, CLICK HERE ...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Clash of Cultures

From this morning's Austin American-Statesman, several stories that reveal the negative effects illegal immigration is having on Hispanic US citizens ...

The rancor of the immigration debate subjects many Mexican Americans to hostility from some non-Hispanics who equate being Hispanic with being illegal, a presumption that ignores their centuries-old presence here and implies a connection with Mexico that no longer exists. That hostility breeds Mexican American resentment of the undocumented and reawakens painful memories of the Mexican American struggle to be counted as equals in U.S. society.

"The white guy says, 'Those Mexicans,' but the Mexican says, 'We're not Mexicans,' " Davila said.

That uneasy feeling of standing outside both societies is reflected in a phrase uttered by generations of Mexican Americans: "Ni soy de aquí, ni soy de allá." (I'm neither from here nor from there.)

Ironically, grievances about cultural differences often mirror the rhetoric of the immigration debate.

Though a wide body of research indicates that Mexican and Spanish-speaking immigrants are "becoming American" in time, some Mexican Americans with long-established roots in Austin assert that many of the newcomers are not fitting in: They're not learning English, not assimilating, and they don't care to. The natives rail about immigrants who don't appreciate Mexican American culture and upset venerable neighborhoods, packing rental houses in large numbers, turning front yards into parking lots and drinking outdoors long after bedtime.

Another common complaint: that the newcomers are too demanding, expecting special treatment from social service agencies or local businesses or even churches.

"They want us to adapt to their ways," Davila said, recounting a story told to him about immigrants who groused about the Tex-Mex fare at a popular East Seventh Street restaurant because it wasn't real Mexican food.

"Mexicans put us down," said Leon Ramirez, a 62-year-old manager at another Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin, where he estimates that 90 percent of the kitchen and wait staff is from Mexico. "They say, 'You're pocho.' " Pocho is a slur Mexicans use to describe Mexican Americans who "act American" or forgot their heritage.

Ramirez says his co-workers, some of whom he said he suspects are here illegally, routinely deride Mexican American customers behind their back with put-downs about their dress, mannerisms and culture.

But some Mexican immigrants say it's the other way around: that it is Mexican Americans who discriminate against people of their own heritage, treating them disrespectfully and without compassion, giving them poorer service than others ...