Friday, February 01, 2008

Canton, Ohio: Assault Victim Assaulted by Police

From Canton, Ohio, comes today’s example of fine police work, the sort of thing that makes you proud.

For no apparent reason, Stark County sheriff’s deputies arrested an assault victim for disorderly conduct and—

But, before I go further, I should stop right here and pass along some information you might find useful some day. Here it is …

These days in Police State America, when the cops respond to a call, they are liable to arrest anyone. Culprit, victim, bystanders, anyone is subject to be thrown into jail. It's a fact. I kid you not.

The reason cops do this is because they are stupid. I am sorry to have to phrase it so bluntly, and I realize it may not apply to each and every cop, but unfortunately it's true of so many cops that it must be stated plainly and succinctly, with no beating about the bush. They are stupid, abysmally stupid, therefore do not have the cognitive skills to assess a crisis situation and determine who is the victim, who is the culprit, or who is merely a witness. So, they arrest everyone and let some corrupt judge sort it out.

There is another reason they do this, which is equally important. In fact, it may even be more important. You see, a great many of today’s cops are sadists, as well as stupid. Any excuse at all to torment someone is always welcome. And, as most people are agitated, or hysterical, or angry, or something, in a crisis situation, "disorderly conduct" provides the perfect pretext for arrest. (Another one they use is "public intoxication," whether alcohol is actually involved or not.)

Now, to continue with the story …

The assault victim, Hope Steffey, the 125-pound wife of a high school teacher, was arrested for “disorderly conduct.” You and I would call her behavior hysteria, but then, you and I are rational human beings, we are not cops. The cops interpreted her behavior as uncooperative or disrespectful, so she was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to jail. On the way, one cop assured her she had nothing to fear from them, because she was the victim. They were only taking care of her.

Oh, they took care of her all right. At the jail, male and female cops and jail workers stripped her naked while she kicked and screamed. She was injured in the process, and was left lying there in the jail cell, naked and injured and cold, with nothing to cover herself but a roll of toilet paper. Several hours later, they came back and put some rag on her that barely covered her body and took her half-naked to booking. See the video here.

But there's good news. A lawsuit is pending, one that Stark County will surely lose. And justice will be served. Stark County will have to pay a great deal of taxpayer’s money to the victim, and the cops and jail workers who were involved in this sordid episode will be severely slapped on the wrists. Yes, justice will be served, as it always is, here in Police State America.