Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Drama Continues

DECISION 2008 ... the drama continues ...

So far, there has been no decision, but we are expecting it momentarily, the answer to the question, Is Mack White Notable?

Even now, as I write this, the geniuses at Wikipedia are conferring, trying to arrive at a decision. Perhaps, at this very moment, a decision has already been reached and a Wikipedia administrator is pushing the delete button that will send my article, along with the articles about G. Edward Griffin, Jack Blood, and so many other activists, straight down the ol' Memory Hole.

Oh, it is so odd ... so, very very odd, that out of all the artists listed on Wikipedia's List of Comics Journal interview subjects (in itself a sign of notability) I alone should have been singled out for deletion.

SMiles and I discussed this matter last night on PsiOp Radio. (Click here to listen.) On that show, I solemnly vowed that, if my article is deleted, I will go on a hunger strike until it is restored.

I said it, and I meant it. Don't think for one moment I was kidding. Unless this Wikipedia matter is resolved to my satisfaction, I will go on a hunger strike. I will refuse to eat my Wheaties. I will skip an entire breakfast, oh yes I will. Surely, the great Deciders at Wikipedia would not want that on their conscience.

Speaking of food, here are some pictures of me shucking oysters in Port Aransas last week:

Yum! Don't that look tasty?

Now, here's a picture of me enjoying that fine ocean air ...