Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who Is Slim Virgin?

While waiting for a decision from the Deciders at Wikipedia Decision Central, I thought I'd kill some time by looking at the "history" of my Wikipedia article.

Oh, how interesting it turned out to be. For I found that, on April 21, 2006, none other than the notorious Wikipedia user Slim Virgin made a revision to my article in which she deleted (guess what!) mention of my appearance on the Alex Jones Show. SEE FOR YOURSELF!

In case you haven't heard of Slim Virgin, you should read the following articles about the infamous on-line spook:

From What We Know about Slim Virgin / a quickie summary

From Spookypedia: SlimVirgin/Linda Mack/MI-5

Slim Virgin is not the Wikipedia user who nominated my article for deletion (more about that individual later), but if you look at the talk page regarding the nomination-for-deletion of the article you'll see that the paragraph regarding my appearances on the Alex Jones Show, Jack Blood's Deadline Live, and others was a chief point of contention. I say "was," because the paragraph has been removed in an effort to save the article from deletion.

And now let's check in at Wikipedia Decision Central to see if a decision has been decided upon by the Deciders ...

It appears that a decision has not been reached.

I don't get it. According to Wikipedia policy, decisions on article deletions are supposed to be reached within five days. But now, we are well in to the sixth day. This must be a harder than usual decision for the Deciders. Looks like we'll be waiting for a while.

While we're waiting, here are some stories about Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales you will find amusing. Seems he helped his girlfriend Rachel Marsden "clean up" her Wikipedia entry:

The Dirtiest Wikipedia Sex Chat You Can Imagine

Is Jimmy Wales Getting Wikipedia in Legal Trouble?

That Jimbo Wales feller sure is a stinker, ain't he?

Now here's a quote from Jimbo:

"I think that one of the great strengths of the open collaborative approach is the fast and powerful destruction of untenable conspiracy theories. It is quite easy to watch a pseudo-documentary like ``Loose Change" and to find it compelling, until you back up and do some homework with the help of sites like Wikipedia."--Jimbo Wales,[1]02:48, 7 July 2006 (UTC); from the "9/11 Conspiracy Theories Page" of campaigns.wikia

Kinda' tells you everything you need to know about Wikipedia, doesn't it? Yep, it sure sounds like a shady operation to me.

Okay, it's been, what, ten whole minutes. Let's check back in to Wikipedia Decision Central ...

Still no decision.

Well, while we're waiting, here's something else funny you can read. It's from EncyclopediaDramatica: SlimVirgin ...

Okay, we've read the funny article about Slim Virgin. It's getting late. Surely, the Deciders have reached a decision by now. Let's check in with them ...

Oh, for Christ's sake, they still haven't reached a decision. I wish they would shit or get off the pot. How difficult can it be? Am I notable or not? All the references are in my article. I passed the "Google test" for notability. What are they waiting for?

Oh to hell with it. I'm going to bed ...