Sunday, June 08, 2008

Arson at the Texas Governor's Mansion

With the Texas Governor's Mansion and adjacent capitol grounds covered with security and surveillance at all times (especially post-9/11), how could this happen? It would be convenient for someone to say that security was lax due to the governor's absence. But that excuse won't work. Besides its significance as a government building, this was one of the oldest buildings in Texas. Its historical value alone should have guaranteed tight security. Why, it's as if someone snuck into the Alamo and set it on fire. Also, the mansion stands (or stood?) in downtown Austin, which at all hours is crawling with every manner of cop--city, county, state. Federal government has a big presence there as well. In the entertainment district, you can't spit on the sidewalk without some cop or other noticing. And, as I mentioned, the capitol area is covered with cops. So how come no cop, no citizen, nobody noticed that someone was burning down the Governor's Mansion?! Was it a very lucky lone nut or a false-flag operation? Needless to say, we'll be watching developments in this story very closely ...

Fire at Governor's Mansion in Austin Ruled Arson