Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Austin's Reichstag Fire?

As noted in my earlier blog posts on the Governor's Mansion fire, the failure of security is very strange to say the least. I have been a resident of Austin for over 30 years and am very familiar with the Capitol and Governor's Mansion area. Therefore, I know what I'm talking about. My friend and fellow Austinite Alex Jones makes the same observation:

Having personally visited and held demonstrations in the vicinity of the building on many occasions, Alex Jones remarked that security is water tight, and that individuals are approached and questioned as soon as they get near the building by Austin police. For someone to have started a fire both inside and at the entrance of the building, as some reports indicate, is virtually impossible according to Jones. On his nationally syndicated radio show today Jones speculated that the fire could have been staged as an excuse to crackdown on Austin's vociferously active freedom movement ... (LINK)

Could the fire have been an inside job? Certainly, the failure by DPS to protect the building from arson has the look of a security stand down. But, until the BATF-assisted investigation and an arrest is made, we cannot know for sure. Time will tell ...