Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Return of the Son of the Bride of Blog Monster

Just thought I’d step into the blog for a moment and open the windows, air the place out, sweep out some of the dust and cobwebs.

Wow, it’s been a while. Haven’t posted anything here since January

Is anyone still checking this blog? I know a few people are because they’ve written asking if my health issues are the reason for the state of suspended animation this blog has been in the past few months. The answer is yes, to some degree.

The phlebotomies don’t incapacitate me, but I do have less energy, therefore can’t do as much as before I started the treatment. So, with a big, new, full-color comic on the drawing board the past few months, something had to be set on the backburner and it was the blog, unfortunately.

However, over the last few months, I did manage to microblog on Twitter. But anything longer than 140 characters, no.

I also managed to carve out time from my schedule for PsiOp Radio on Sunday night—and a good thing. Listenership has increased and the show has gotten better and better. We’re carried on American Freedom Radio and enjoying our association with those fine folks.

If you can’t catch our show live, go to the archives. Also, you can hear “Best of PsiOp Radio” excerpts on YouTube now. I’ll post those here shortly.

Also, coming up soon on this blog will be a sneak preview of the big comix project that’s kept me so busy: “Roadside Hell.” It will be published in the next volume of Hotwire, due out later this summer, I think. I’ll find out the exact publication date and post it here.

Something else I did recently was sign up for Facebook. I was able to post a few things (mainly status reports about how god-awful hard I was working), but now have the time to have more fun with Facebook. Looking forward to it.

Also looking forward to my next project, which I’ll talk about later. I’ve made a commitment to myself, however, that I’m going to work at it on a more reasonable pace than I did this last project. No more all-nighters. No more nervous exhaustion—which I’m still feel a little, three days later. NOT FUN. Never again. I should be taking better care of myself than that, and will.

That’s all for now. I gotta' take my Vitamin B and ginseng tea. Will return shortly. This blog is BACK, baby …