Monday, November 22, 2010


A READER WRITES: Your wesite [sic] about John Lennon is crazy. You are brainwashed. The CIA is a radical Leftwing organization. The only brainwashing organizations were located in Communist countries. ALL of the CIA operations were run in Communist countries.

What really happened is that the Communist Party wanted Lennon to be their spokesperson here in the US. He was associated with Communist Jews the like of Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubin

The FBI threatened to Deport Lennon or put him in Jail because associating with Communists here in the US is Illegal. So Lennon after this little talk with the FBI cut his ties with the Communist Party USA and they saw him as a traitor to there [sic] cause and brought in the MK Ultra assassin Chapin [sic] to kill him. You need to study some U.S. history before you create these zany websites

CIA a radical Left Wing organization? Associating with Communists illegal? Only Communist countries practiced brainwashing? There is not one true statement in your idiotic email. You didn't even get the assassin's name right. You need to learn some US history yourself before you go writing these zany emails. Better yet, don't write at all. Don't poison my In Box with your pearls of wisdom again. "Communist Jews" indeed. Get lost.