Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Horror: Mass Vaccination Scheduled in Maryland

A frightening situation is developing in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where school officials have expelled 2,300 students because they have not received vaccinations for chickenpox and Hepatitis B. The parents of these students have been ordered to bring their children to Circuit Court on Saturday to be forcibly injected. Those who do not comply are threatened with fines and jail time.

Says Dr. Betty Despenza-Green, “If the child is not here Saturday, then we will move on with the process, meaning that the PPWs and the counselors will put together the packet to take before the state's attorney's office, asking, requesting that criminal charges be implemented."

Says State Attorney Glenn Ivey: "We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way, but it's going to have to get done. I'm willing to move forward with legal action."

There is, however, one small detail being overlooked here: No law exists anywhere in the United States that requires vaccinations. States may recommend vaccinations, but that is all, and if parents do not wish to vaccinate their children, the only thing they have to do is sign a waiver exempting their children. There is, repeat, no law to enforce here, no wrongdoing on the part of the parents.

The only wrongdoing is on the part of school officials who, first, neglected to inform the parents of the vaccination exemption waiver, and second, expelled these children from school without any legal grounds whatsoever. The reason for these expulsions was to create a situation where, in the absence of a law requiring vaccinations, parents could instead be charged under truancy and neglect laws. In other words, children who are not vaccinated will not be allowed to return to school, thus making them truant and their parents legally complicit.

Oh, it’s a devious plot. Big Pharma is behind it, of course. The vaccinations are dangerous, but they are profitable. So, under color of law, taking advantage of the public’s ignorance of actual law, they will stage a mass vaccination this Saturday in Maryland. My god, this is ugly, but of course it's being presented as kind and loving. People will knod approvingly as the children are forcibly vaccinated. Then there will be more mass vaccinations, and more and more. The horror is just beginning.

No Law Says Parents Have to Get Their Children Vaccinated