Friday, August 04, 2006

Terrible Cruelties Inflicted on Gitmo Guards by Inmates!

The true picture of life at Gitmo is finally emerging, and it is not a pretty one.

Recently released Pentagon memos reveal that it is actually the guards at Gitmo who are being abused, not the inmates. And the torments they suffer at the hands of their captives are beyond your worst imaginings.

One memo describes how some inmates were given a fan to keep them cool. And what did the ungrateful fiends do with it? They took it apart and converted the basket into a shield, the pole into a battering ram, and the blades into machetes. In the terrible battle that followed, the defenseless guards were seriously bruised. One even received a cut that required a bandage.

But it gets worse, much worse.

On another occasion, an inmate threw a lizard tail at a guard. Yes, that’s right. A lizard tail. The poor guard (it kills me to write this) “felt something” on his lower right back. Then he discovered lizard blood on his uniform.

The bastards do not even respect the uniform of the United States Army.

Another inmate told a female guard that if she was “Rambo, Jean Claude Van Dan, or a man,” she would be in Iraq. Then, as if those unkind words were not enough, he scratched her and spit on her. I do not even want to think how terrible the scratch must have been, or how long it must have taken her to clean herself of the spit.

On another occasion, an inmate viciously stabbed a guard with a spork. In case you are unfamiliar with this deadly weapon, here is a picture of one:

And it gets worse.

Inmates have also thrown rocks at the guards. One even grabbed a radio from a guard and threw it at him. But the worst thing they have thrown at the guards is … doo-doo.

True, the inmates have been incarcerated indefinitely without any evidence whatsoever of any kind of wrongdoing, therefore a certain amount of irritation on their part may be understandable. But nothing--nothing--justifies throwing doo-doo at the brave prison guards who serve our Homeland.

O, the inhumanity! O, the unspeakable horror of it all! It is enough to make a grown man cry. In fact, I am crying as I write this.

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