Monday, August 07, 2006

UPDATE: Gitmo Guards Cruelly Abused by Their Captives

The Smoking Gun has published Dept. of Defense memos describing the horrible abuse suffered by our brave prison guards in Gitmo. I have read these memos and am horrified beyond words. The situation at Gitmo is much worse than previously thought. In addition to lizard tails and doo-doo, the guards have also been assailed by such deadly weapons as flip-flops and (I shudder to say it, but in the interest of journalistic truth, I must) pee-pee. Even worse, the guards have been subjected to extremely unkind words. For instance, they have been called vile names such as “donkey,” and on one occasion these menacing words were said: “You will have big problems.” Such cruelty on the part of prisoners is beyond my comprehension. What, oh what, is the world coming to? (LINK)