Sunday, January 14, 2007

Waiting for the Ice Storm

Harsh weather in Central Texas this weekend. Yesterday we woke to reports of flooding throughout Austin and the surrounding area. Thundershowers had been expected, but the sheer amount of rain was a surprise to everyone. Also, without warning, a tornado hit San Marcos, destroying the police station and a few other buildings. Since then, the rain has slackened and the floodwaters receded, but tonight the weather is expected to worsen. We are told it is a certainty that the Arctic blast that has caused so many problems in North Texas, Oklahoma, and the Midwest, will move all the way into the Austin area. By tomorrow morning, another storm system will strike, but this time it will be an ice storm. Driving conditions will be extremely hazardous. Therefore, everyone is being advised to stay home, if at all possible, and be sure to have enough food and other supplies to last three days.

I went out yesterday through the cold, lashing rain and bought our supplies. And now here we sit, on this wet, grey day, waiting for the ice storm ...