Monday, February 05, 2007

The Real Threat

They x-ray our shoes at the airport. They confiscate toothpaste. And sometimes they search women’s breasts. They also monitor our bank accounts and credit card transactions, and they are installing cameras and listening devices on every street corner. And they arrest tourists for taking pictures of buildings, and arrest children for researching school reports on bridges, and arrest people who complain too much to the Veterans Administration. And they look over the shoulders of library patrons to see if they are viewing pornography on the computers, and they threaten toy store owners for selling Rubik’s Cube knock-offs. And they treat everyone as a suspect—babies, grandmas in wheelchairs, everyone is a potential terrorist, anyone might be declared an enemy combatant and arrested and tortured until they confess. Habeas corpus has been suspended, the Fourth Amendment has been suspended, all our rights are being scrapped, and it is all in the name of Homeland Security. Meanwhile, the war in Iraq grinds on. Hardly anyone supports the war any more, but still it grinds on, and may even be expanded, and all in the name of Homeland Security. Iraq did not invade the US. Iraq had no intention of invading the US. Iraq had nothing to do with September 11. Yet we are at war with Iraq. For that matter the American people had nothing to do with September 11, yet we’re being treated like the prime suspects and we can only expect more extreme security measures to keep us in line: a national ID card, criminal background checks for air travelers, background checks for permission to go to the bathroom, permission to breathe, and on and on.

Meanwhile, there is a real invasion occurring on our southern border, meanwhile there is a threat far worse than flying a few planes into buildings. Millions of illegal aliens are flooding into this country, destroying our economy and our way of life. Yet the federal government does nothing about it. Oh, they round up a few hundred illegals once in a while for show, but they never do anything that might have a real effect, such as shutting down the miles and miles of smuggling tunnels that have been discovered. But they can’t, they say. They have billions of dollars to spend on the war, billions of dollars to spend on Homeland Security, but for some reason they can’t come up with $2.7 million to shut down these tunnels and fight the only real threat to this country. (LINK)

No, there is another threat besides the illegal aliens, and a worse one, the real one. It is our own federal government. Our own government has declared war on us. That is what the "war on terrorism" really is, it is a war on the American people. (LINK)