Friday, March 30, 2007

Let’s Go Waterboarding

So many things have happened since Bush took office several years ago: the false flag terror attacks of 9/11, the Patriot Act, the slaughter in Iraq, Bush’s “mission accomplishment” speech, secret torture camps, the repeal of habeas corpus, the nightmarish aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Bush's public massage of the German chancellor, other drunken incidents, criminal acts, lies, corruption, carnage, horror—so many things, so many many things. Ah, the memories …

And now we add to the list of memories the antics of Bush and Rove at the broadcaster’s dinner the other night. The videos of these antics were played on all the news broadcasts yesterday, and replayed, and replayed, and replayed some more, and more and more and more, giving me the opportunity to watch them over and over, and to learn from them. For, as I watched these videos, they worked a change in me. I realized that Bush and his pals are really just regular fellows, not the scary Nazis we thought they were, but down to earth and funny. Not many people know this, but Bush is quite the cut-up. In fact, he could have been a professional comedian, if the call to public service had not been so strong in him. Here's an example from the standup routine he gave at Tuesday's dinner. He said, “Take my presidency … please.” Ho! Ho! Ho! That was rich! And Rove did that little dance, hippety-hoppety to the beat. What a cool guy. It’s endearing, really, to see these boys loosen up and have a good time, knock back some brewskis, dance, poke fun at themselves. And it causes me to change my view of them. Perhaps I have been too harsh on them in the past. They are, after all, just regular fellows, doing the best they can, trying hard, making mistakes now and then, being wrong about a few things, but also perhaps being right about other things. Maybe they are right, for instance, about torture. The Rove video in particular causes me to think this. When I see him dancing that little dance, moving to the beat, mugging and carrying on like such a card, I begin to see that in certain cases waterboarding might not be such a bad idea after all, if it is applied judiciously and to the right persons, and is performed by a trained professional so that no harm comes to anyone.

If you missed the video yesterday, watch it here and see if you do not come around to my way of thinking.