Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More on the Police Brutality Pandemic

In Old America, a single police officer at best would confront this woman and seek to have her sit down and talk to her about her situation and emotional response to it. Only if the woman lashed out against the police officer in a physical manner or otherwise proved herself to be a threat to public safety and/or the well being to others would the police officer place her under arrest. He would normally contain and control the situation by himself and only call for back up if needed. In this case, a police officer in Old America would be embarrassed to call for back up.

However, in post 9-11 America, where the Constitution has been cast aside and police state laws have been implemented, police in an airport respond to any call against the behavior of a citizen as they would respond against an enemy of the state: excessive use of force with zero tolerance against anyone failing to immediately bow to and comply to any direct command. The truly sad and silly reality to the police response in the Gotbaum death is that this police state type of attitude would have no bearing at all on any genuine terrorist action against the USA and only proves itself as serving to undermine the rights and welfare of those it arose to seemingly protect: the American citizen
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Nevertheless, all of these stories are connected by a common thread: Law enforcement in the United States, whose duty it is to "protect and serve" have now become not just part of the problem but in fact, predatory devourers of those they are sworn to keep safe.

Deepening collapse will be attended by manifestations of the unraveling of all institutions, one of the most frightening examples being law enforcement's hysterical repression of citizens.

Although we are seeing more media attention given to private security companies such as Blackwater, we should not assume that the power and funding granted to these firms will dissipate anytime soon. They are an integral part of the Shock Doctrine brilliantly analyzed by Naomi Klein in her new book of the same title. The greater the extent of the empire's collapse, the greater the intensity of the shock applied to those who reside within the belly of the beast. From those shocks flow not only increased terror and social control, but flourishing profits for private security companies
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