Saturday, October 06, 2007

Phoenix Airport: Was it Murder?

All the signs of a cover-up are there. Nothing about the cops' version of events holds up, and even if their version turns out to be one hundred percent true, this would still be a situation that was horribly mishandled. Shackling a distraught woman and leaving her alone in a room when they had just been told by her husband she was suicidal? This is good cop procedure? Also, witnesses say the woman was football-tackled by the cops. How difficult can it be for these gorillas to handle one 105-pound woman? And now, the suspicion is being raised that she might have been deliberately choked by a cop to teach her a lesson. Whatever the explanation for the woman's death, one thing is certain: We could remove every x-ray machine at every airport in every city in this country and sell them all for scrap metal, fire every sadistic, groping, thuggish TSA cretin and cop who works airport security and put them to work digging ditches, and dismantle every out-of-control Nazi agency from the TSA all the way up to the Department of Homeland Security itself, and air travel would immediately become far safer than it is now with the kind of "protection" these bastards are giving us …

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