Friday, October 12, 2007

The Praiseworthy Career of the Prostitution Decoy

Update: Florida cop Andrea Eichhorn has dropped her lawsuit against the family of a brain-damaged boy. This came after the police chief placed her on leave and filed a formal complaint against her, setting up an internal investigation. In an official statement, the police department stated it had told her her medical expenses would be fully covered by workers compensation, therefore had advised her against filing the lawsuit. In addition, the department released more of Eichhorn’s personnel records, revealing that her career as a police officer (working as a prostitution decoy, among other things) has not been as “praiseworthy” as first claimed. Nine years ago she was disciplined for using false names to work off-duty jobs, apparently as a tax dodge in order to hide income. It appears, then, that she is no novice when it comes to lying for the sake of a quick buck.

So ends the praiseworthy career of Sgt. Andrea Eichhorn, Prostitution Decoy, and so ends her lawsuit. And what will become of her lawyer David Heil who described her as the victim of the family of the brain-damaged boy? Don’t worry about him. No doubt he has already heard the wail of a distant ambulance and is off to the chase ...