Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DECISION 2008: Is Mack White Notable?


"The rumors of my non-notability have been greatly exaggerated."—Mack White, with apologies to Mark Twain

The clock is ticking. The world awaits Wikipedia's decision on this burning question: Is Mack White notable? Or (gulp) ... is he not?

SMiles Lewis and I will be covering this historic decision LIVE TONIGHT on PSI-OP RADIO and discussing Wikipedia in general. We will also discuss the latest news regarding Big Brother surveillance, police brutality, the destruction of the Bill of Rights, forced immunizations, mass poisonings, false-flag terrorism, assassination, torture, war, and all the other kinds of monkey business we've come to expect from our government.

AND while you're listening to the show ... you can add your two-cents worth on these issues by calling us TOLL-FREE! Yes, it's now TOLL-FREE to call in to the show. Here's the number: (877) 738-3730.

The show starts at 8 pm EDT / 7 pm CDT / 6 MDT / 5 PDT/ 0100 UTC, and runs for two hours. To listen, go to either of these two networks: Revere Radio or Anomaly Radio.

Remember, if you miss the live broadcast, you can catch the show tomorrow in the PsiOp Radio Archives. But, if you can, please try to listen live so you can CALL US! ...