Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Thoughts: Malintent and You

Forget the naked body scanners. The TSA will soon have a new toy to torment you with: FAST, a system to scan Americans for “malintent” (AKA “pre-crime”). DHS plans to use it in airports, shopping malls, and special events. No doubt there will be a great many false positives—innocent people identified as terrorists. You may be one of them. Is this the America our soldiers fought and died to protect?

I think this “malintent” technology should be used on all politicians, government officials, and other assorted Nazi swine. Sample questions:

“Do you intend to steal elections, conduct dirty tricks, and otherwise subvert the political process?”

“Do you intend to destroy the Bill of Rights, militarize the police, and set up Stasi-style citizen-spy programs?”

“Do you intend to wiretap, follow, harass, detain, and murder political activists?”

“Do you intend to gut the public school system and other social services while stealing trillions of dollars outright from the American people?”

“Do you intend to let Big Oil and other big corporations poison the environment, kill and deform our children, and make the entire planet unlivable?”

“Do you intend to set up torture camps worldwide, carry out assassinations, false-flag operations, illegal biological experiments, and commit genocide around the globe?”

Yeah, plenty of “malintent” on the part of the government—and not just intentions, we’re talking outright actions here—much of it performed right in the open for all the world to see—yet we’re the ones standing around like jackasses with our shoes off at the airport letting uniformed cretins stick their blue-gloved hands down our pants.

And now they’re going to set up mind-reading stations, of all things, to study OUR intentions!

Oh, and did you notice how one of the questions they ask you in the FAST station is whether or not you’re going to record anything. So, illegally recording a Lady Gaga concert is terrorism now? What a load of horse manure.

I’m surprised there’s not more outrage over all this. But I guess the frogs have been boiling too long by now to notice, and anyway it’s safer to get excited over “American Idol” or the Super Bowl than to care about something that really matters …

Well, that's my Memorial Day message. Sorry if it's a downer. Too bad all those brave service men and women died in all those wars for nothing. But it's the truth, so you better get used to it: Freedom is dead in America. Kinda' makes you choke on that Memorial Day hot dog doesn't it?