Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Widening the Definition of WMDs

Some jackass delivers a sack of marijuana muffins to a party. Fourteen people get sick. And the Joint Terrorism Task Force is brought in to investigate. ( See WFAA-TV report.)

So is marijuana a WMD now? Are we going to cry “terrorism” every time someone poisons a bunch of people by putting some harmful substance into their food, their drink, their—

Wait a minute. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea. Only let’s not waste time going after small-timers like the jackass who delivered the marijuana muffins. No, let’s put the Joint Terrorism Task Force to work going after the CEOs of companies that are poisoning far greater numbers of people with aspartame, fluoride, and about 500,000 or so other substances that fit the definition of WMDs much better than marijuana muffins. Let’s round up those jackasses and get them off the streets …