Friday, October 12, 2007

CNBC Admits Deleting Poll Because Paul Was Winning

Allen Wastler, managing editor of, admitted today he deleted an after-debate poll that favored Ron Paul because he didn’t like the results. The results, he says, were due to “organized” flooding of the poll by Paul supporters. He offers no evidence for such a conspiracy, of course. It’s just his impression based on Paul not having previously received similar results in what he calls “legit” polls, his poll not being one. Yeah, that’s right, he doesn’t consider his own poll legit. I’ll bet he would consider it legit if he had liked the results. If Paul had come in last, it would have been headline news. We would still be hearing about it. But no, Paul came in first, so now the poll isn't legit. It was unscientific, he tells us. Its only purpose was to “take a quick temperature reading” of the audience. Which begs the question, what use is a temperature reading that’s not based on some scientific principle or other? Here’s a tip, Mr. Wastler, and it’s scientific: Next time you want a temperature reading, get a thermometer and stick it up your ass.