Friday, November 16, 2007

Bad Mexico

Mexico, one of the most corrupt nations on earth. Mexico, polluted and filthy, the toxic dump of the Western Hemisphere. Mexico, the place where blackface comedy is still considered funny, where a stereotypical Sambo character was even put on the nation's postage stamps. Mexico, where drunk driving is acceptable. Mexico, cruel to its women. Mexico, land of lavish wealth and gruesome poverty. Mexico, the nation that can't, or won't, take care of its own people, but expects us to do it for them. And expects—no, demands—we give illegal immigrants from Mexico the full rights of US citizenship, while Mexico gives legal immigrants from other countries no rights at all. Mexico, the nation that demands humane treatment for illegal immigrants from Mexico, yet beats, rapes, robs, and kills those who emigrate illegally to Mexico. Mexico, the nation that wants us to give illegal immigrants driver's licenses with no questions asked, yet requires valid visas from foreigners before it will give them driver's licenses. Mexico, land of contradiction. Mexico, land of hypocrisy. Shame on Mexico. Bad Mexico. Bad. Bad. Bad.