Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Court Overturns Conviction in Yogurt Shop Murders

Today I was very happy to hear that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned the conviction of Robert Springsteen who in 2001 was found guilty and sentenced to death in one of the most shocking murder cases in Austin's history: the Yogurt Shop Murders. (LINK)

If you do not live in Austin, this may be the first time you have heard of this case. And you may wonder why I would be happy to hear that one of the men convicted for this crime may go free. And you may wonder, too, why this murder case should be of interest to anyone outside Texas.

If so, then I invite you to read the following article which I wrote in 2000. It is based on a series of interviews I had with Erik Moebius, a former Assistant Attorney General of the State of Texas, who discovered a far-reaching plot behind the Yogurt Shop case.

The article was on my website until 2003 when I revamped the site. Since then, I have been revising the article with the intention of posting a more comprehensive version. In the meantime, the article took on a life of its own on the Internet and has been posted widely; the link below is on the site. This will suffice until I am able to post the revised version:

The Yogurt Shop Murders, by Mack White

By the way, the above image is a photo of the "interrogation" of Michael Scott, another man who was convicted in the case. You'll note that the homicide detective is pointing a gun at Scott's head just prior to his "confession." This is the confession upon which the convictions of both Scott and Springsteen are based; this is why Springsteen's conviction was just overturned. And that's not all--but I don't have to tell it all here. I already told it in the article above. Check it out ...