Thursday, November 29, 2007

Naomi Wolf: The Nazi Link to the Neo-Cons

On the Alex Jones Show yesterday, Naomi Wolf described the direct link from the Bush administration to Nazi Germany. In the 1930s, congressional testimony by Marine Corps Major-General Smedley Butler revealed that Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush led an attempted fascist coup in this country that was financed by Nazi industrialists. The coup failed, but amazingly Prescott Bush and his fellow traitors were never prosecuted. As a result, they were able to revive their plan and over time create the situation we find ourselves in today under the regime of George W. Bush, with the systematic dismantling of the Constitution and the criminal war in Iraq. It is the realization of a longtime Bush family dream, the Nazification of America. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the rest, including their propagandists, may call themselves Neo-Cons, but they are in fact Nazis.

As Naomi Wolf points out, laws such as the Military Commissions Act were created to protect the Neo-Cons (Nazis) from indictment for war crimes and treason. However, as James Madison wrote, “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” Therefore, Bush and his fellow Neo-Cons (Nazis) can expect no protection from the invalid laws they created. They can expect to go to jail. But first, they must be indicted. I say must, because if it is not done, we will experience a Hell on Earth in this country. The Neo-Cons (Nazis) justify the destruction of our freedoms by saying it is for our safety. But it is not for our safety, far from it. As long as the Neo-Cons (Nazis) remain in power, no one is safe. They must be stopped now. They must be indicted, prosecuted, and thrown in jail for the remainder of their miserable Neo-Con (Nazi) lives.

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