Monday, November 19, 2007


Tonight (Monday, November 19) is the night. Dave vonKleist will be appearing in person, along with myself, SMiles Lewis, and Rev. Davidson Loehr, at a screening of Dave's new documentary 9/11 Ripple Effect.

Dave is the co-host (with his wife Joyce Riley) of The Power Hour on Genesis Communications Network. Rev. Davidson Loehr is the author of the book American Fascism and God. After the screening, Dave and Rev. Loehr will discuss 9/11.Then, after the discussion, Dave (an excellent musician and humorist) will perform his latest music.

In addition, my PsiOp Radio co-host SMiles Lewis and I will have a table set up to meet people and give out various freebies. I'll also be selling and signing copies of The Bush Junta. Various activists groups, including Vote Rescue and the Truth and Action Alliance, will also have tables full of information on what you can do to help preserve our freedoms in these troubling times.

Again, this event is tonight, Monday, November 19, 7 pm. Doors open at 6:30. It will be held at the School for the Deaf on South Congress Avenue here in Austin, in the Kleberg building. To see a map and find out more about the event, click here. The night will be informative as well as fun. So don't miss it!