Monday, March 17, 2008


I just finished packing. Whew! That was tough--and I'm traveling light. As light as I can, that is, considering I'll be gone a week-and-a-half.

Like a good little Trusted Traveler, I packed only travel-size hair jel, shampoo, etc. and they're all in TSA-approved baggies placed atop everything else in my suitcase, so the screeners don't have to dig down through my shirts, underwear, etc. to find it.

So I'm all packed, and settling down for a night's rest. Then, tomorrow morning, my daughter Chandra will pick me up and we will drive to Dallas for our flight to London.

We are hoping the weather will be friendly. A major storm is moving through Texas tonight. Hail and tornadoes are possible. Flash flooding is probable. However, the worst of the storm should be east of Austin and I-35 by the time we get on the road.

The weather in Dallas should be better by that time as well. If all goes well, if there are no flight delays due to the weather or some other hang-up, we will be in the air some time after 6 pm. Night will be brief, as we race to meet the sun. In seven hours we will land in London and the sun will be shining.

We will spend six days in London, then travel to the Netherlands for the remaining four days of our trip. I will post on this blog as time and opportunity permits. So, stay tuned ...