Friday, March 30, 2007

Let’s Go Waterboarding

So many things have happened since Bush took office several years ago: the false flag terror attacks of 9/11, the Patriot Act, the slaughter in Iraq, Bush’s “mission accomplishment” speech, secret torture camps, the repeal of habeas corpus, the nightmarish aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Bush's public massage of the German chancellor, other drunken incidents, criminal acts, lies, corruption, carnage, horror—so many things, so many many things. Ah, the memories …

And now we add to the list of memories the antics of Bush and Rove at the broadcaster’s dinner the other night. The videos of these antics were played on all the news broadcasts yesterday, and replayed, and replayed, and replayed some more, and more and more and more, giving me the opportunity to watch them over and over, and to learn from them. For, as I watched these videos, they worked a change in me. I realized that Bush and his pals are really just regular fellows, not the scary Nazis we thought they were, but down to earth and funny. Not many people know this, but Bush is quite the cut-up. In fact, he could have been a professional comedian, if the call to public service had not been so strong in him. Here's an example from the standup routine he gave at Tuesday's dinner. He said, “Take my presidency … please.” Ho! Ho! Ho! That was rich! And Rove did that little dance, hippety-hoppety to the beat. What a cool guy. It’s endearing, really, to see these boys loosen up and have a good time, knock back some brewskis, dance, poke fun at themselves. And it causes me to change my view of them. Perhaps I have been too harsh on them in the past. They are, after all, just regular fellows, doing the best they can, trying hard, making mistakes now and then, being wrong about a few things, but also perhaps being right about other things. Maybe they are right, for instance, about torture. The Rove video in particular causes me to think this. When I see him dancing that little dance, moving to the beat, mugging and carrying on like such a card, I begin to see that in certain cases waterboarding might not be such a bad idea after all, if it is applied judiciously and to the right persons, and is performed by a trained professional so that no harm comes to anyone.

If you missed the video yesterday, watch it here and see if you do not come around to my way of thinking.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mexico's Double Standard

The Mexican government is demanding a full investigation of an incident in which an illegal alien was shot to death by a US Border Patrol agent earlier this week. (LINK) The man was part of a group of illegals that were throwning rocks at several Border Patrol agents in southern California. Also thrown was a Molotov cocktail which landed near the agents but did not explode. (LINK)

Gee, I wonder what would happen to me if I snuck into Mexico and started throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at the police. Would they politely ask me to stop? Somehow I don’t think so. Mexico has very high standards for US law enforcement officers, but no standards at all for its own, particularly with regard to police treatment of non-Mexicans.

Consider the case of a Washington State University student who was visiting Puerta Vallarta a few weeks ago. When he asked a group of six Mexican police officers a question about taxi service, he found himself handcuffed, taken to an office somewhere, beaten repeatedly with a weighted sock, and threatened with decapitation. Later he was put into a jail cell and forced to sign a confession that he had broken a window. His ordeal ended when his family wired him a thousand dollars to pay for the non-existent broken window. In addition, unauthorized charges to his bank account have arisen in Mexico since his return home. Complaints by his family to the Mexican Consulate in Seattle have gone unanswered. (LINK)

This is how Mexico treats people who enter their country legally. God forbid you should enter Mexico illegally. In Mexico, illegal immigrants are routinely raped, beaten, and robbed. (LINK) And this is done without provocation. Just imagine what these swine would do if you threw a rock at them.

Clearly, Mexico has no business demanding full investigations from the US about anything that happens on US soil. Mexico needs to investigate itself. In the meantime, Americans should spend their tourist dollars elsewhere--in a civilized country, for instance.

Americans should also demand a crackdown on illegal immigration similar to the one ordered by President Eisenhower in 1954. On that occasion, in just a few months, over 100,000 illegal aliens were deported and nearly a million fled the US voluntarily. (LINK) That would be a start, but only a start. The next thing we should demand is a crackdown on the employers of illegal aliens. Only when the jobs no longer exist, will the aliens stop coming. We don’t need a wall. We don’t need new laws. What we need is enforcement of the laws that already exist.

Gov. Perry Knew About TYC Scandal Two Years Ago

A spokesman for Texas Governor Rick Perry has confirmed that, contrary to his previous claim that he learned about the sex abuse at Texas Youth Commission (TYC) facilities when the story broke in the newspapers two months ago, the governor actually has known about it for two years. Supposedly, Perry was unable to do anything about the matter. He only occupies the highest office in the state, so I guess that is perfectly understandable. (LINK)

Meanwhile, the National Prison Rape Commission yesterday heard testimony from TYC victims’ families. The mother of one young inmate described how he was repeatedly beaten and sexually molested at three different TYC facilities. His nose was broken at the Marlin State School. At the Giddings State School a female staffer performed oral sex on him. Then, later the same staffer arranged for him to be raped by an 18-year-old male inmate--an incident that was witnessed by a guard who committed suicide two weeks later. Finally, at the Evins State School two months ago, he received another beating in which his jaw was broken. When his mother complained about all these beatings and molestations, she was rebuked by a TYC caseworker who said, "We'll handle this, internally, in our own way."

What makes this even more outrageous is that the boy should not have been in the TYC system in the first place. The boy, who suffers from bipolar disorder, originally got into trouble for “inappropriately touching” his twin siblings. The family reported his behavior to authorities, in hopes he would receive mental health treatment. Instead, he was tried for sexual assault and given probation. Probation was then revoked to keep Child Protective Services (CPS) from taking custody of his two siblings. (LINK)

What a fine job CPS has done helping this family. What an extraordinarily humane and effective way for TYC to rehabilitate the boy. Throw him into a prison run by pedophiles. That’ll teach him.

It is emerging that, in many cases, the types of crime that are causing children to be sent to TYC prisons are quite trivial. For instance, a 15-year-old black girl has been confined for the past year in the Ron Jackson Correctional Complex in Brownwood, and may remain there for six more years, because she shoved a teacher’s aide at high school. She shoved someone. Oh my god. Fortunately, the teacher’s aide was not hurt by the terrible shove, but it is a felony to shove a public servant, therefore the full weight of the law was brought to bear on the matter. To their small credit, prosecutors offered a plea agreement that would have reduced the felony to a misdemeanor and given the girl two years probation, but the plea was refused by the girl’s mother, acting on her behalf. As a result, she was tried on the felony charge and sentenced by Lamar County Judge Chuck Summerville to serve time in a TYC prison. It should be noted that previously Summerville gave a 14-year-old white arsonist probation. But of course race had nothing at all to do with this disparity in sentencing. Oh no, nothing at all. The reason for the girl’s harsher sentence, says Summerville, was to prevent her being placed back in her mother’s care. He thought she would be better off spending the rest of her adolescence in the loving care of the TYC. (LINK)

So that’s today’s news from Texas, folks. Nothing much going on here, just the usual bigotry, corruption, and depravity that makes this state so admired throughout the world.

NEW PODCAST: PsiOp Radio #5

If you missed last night's live broadcast of PsiOp Radio, you can hear it now as a podcast. Just go HERE to download the hour-long show. My co-host SMiles Lewis and I discussed recent revelations that the Bush administration was involved in the coverup of the Texas Youth Commission pedophilia scandal. Also discussed was the possible connection of this scandal to other Republican pedophile scandals, such as the Franklin Coverup.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

LIVE TONIGHT: PsiOp Radio, 3/27/07 Edition

It's Tuesday and time for another LIVE broadcast of PsiOp Radio on the Anomaly Radio Network. My co-host SMiles Lewis and I will be discussing the latest developments in the TYC pedophile scandal and related matters. The hour-long show begins at 7 pm CST / 0100 UTC. To listen, GO HERE and click "Listen Live."

More on the TYC Pedophile Scandal

To hear Alex Jones’ interview yesterday with Jerome Corsi, the WorldNet Daily reporter who has been covering the TYC pedophile scandal, CLICK HERE. To read Corsi’s latest article on the subject CLICK HERE.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Bush Cronies Involved in TYC Sex Scandal Coverup

The sex scandal in the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) has been page one news here in Texas the past few weeks, but so far has received only limited coverage outside the state. That may soon change, however, now that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and other federal officials have been implicated in the cover-up.

It’s an ugly story. Since at least 1999, the TYC has been infested with pedophiles who prey on the underage male inmates in their charge. Efforts to expose this rampant sex abuse have been frustrated at every turn. Two years ago, Texas Ranger Brian Burzynski conducted a criminal investigation of the agency and documented these activities, but when he presented his findings to state authorities, they refused to prosecute. Then he went to federal authorities, who also refused to prosecute. That’s where the Bush administration enters the picture.

According to Matt Angle, director of the Lone Star Project, none other than Karl Rove orchestrated this miscarriage of justice. Angle believes that the reason for the failure to prosecute the TYC case was to prevent the scandal from erupting at a time when Republican governor Rick Perry was facing an election challenge from former comptroller Carole Strayhorn.

The decision not to prosecute came from the office of U.S. Attorney and Bush crony Johnny Sutton. An assistant in his office, Bill Baumann, who wrote the letter to Texas Ranger Burzynski justifying this decision on the grounds that none of the young victims suffered “bodily injury” and may have even enjoyed being sodomized by TYC guards and administrators. (LINK)

Baumann’s name, incidentally, turned up recently in another case that has caused outrage in the state. It was Baumann who was the lead prosecutor in the case against Edwards County Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez who was accused of unnecessarily using deadly force in an altercation with some illegal aliens.

I have often criticized cops for such matters, and will likely do so again. But this is not one of those times. The actions of Hernandez were appropriate. A van carrying the illegal aliens attempted to run over Hernandez during a traffic shop. He shot out one of the tires of the van. In the process, a bullet fragment struck one of the occupants, causing a slight injury. The Texas Rangers investigated the matter and cleared Hernandez, and there the matter should have ended. But, as occurred in the similar case of Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Campean, the Mexican government and the Bush administration colluded to force prosecution of the case. As a result, Hernandez is now doing time in federal prison and is facing a multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuit from the criminals who tried to run over him. (LINK)

Gee, I wonder what would happen to me if I illegally entered Mexico and tried to run over a Mexican cop. I wonder how fairly I would be treated in a country whose judicial system is even more rotten than ours and where non-Mexican citizens, especially those who enter the country illegally, have no rights.

But I digress. The Hernandez and TYC cases are just the latest in a long list of grotesque examples of what passes for criminal justice in this country. The US is becoming more and more like Mexico every day. Which, with regard to the Hernandez case, may be the point: to discourage enforcement of laws against illegal immigration in order to erase our national borders and make this country indistinguishable from Mexico. At present, it is with great difficulty that we are able to expose and prosecute criminals such as the pedophiles running the TYC, but the day this country merges with Mexico in a North American Union such investigations will have as much success as Mexico's "investigation" of the mass murders of the women of Juarez.