Friday, July 06, 2007

Sicko: See it Now and Take Action

If you haven't yet seen Michael Moore's new film Sicko, you can see it now by CLICKING HERE.

After you have seen it, you will be as made as hell and want to do something about the raw deal we are getting in this country from the health care industry. You will want to do something about it. But what? Well, here's an idea: is making available fliers to hand out at screenings of Sicko. The purpose of these fliers is to urge presidential candidates to reject campaign money from the health care industry. On the fliers is a toll-free phone number that will connect you with any candidate.

CLICK HERE to get your fliers. Then take them to a nearby theatre and buy a ticket to see the film again. When the film is over, there will be plenty of other people as mad as you are. Start handing out the fliers.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Olbermann: Scathing Special Comment

Check it Out: Silence of the Bushes

Today I heard from a reader, Matthew Hahn, who wrote the following:

Your comic on the Lennon assassination spurred me to do my own. In the research, I uncovered a stunning fact. I have now made that comic into a movie, CANNABIS: SILENCE OF THE BUSHES 2, which you can see here.

The precursor to that movie, SILENCE OF THE BUSHES, is here.

If you wish to watch the movie and want the revelation to be a surprise, DON'T scroll down. If you don't wish to watch and/or don't want it to be a surprise, scroll down.

Happy July 4th