Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another November 22nd

The sun has risen over another November 22nd.

It is the 45th time the sun has risen over a November 22nd since November 22, 1963.

On that November 22nd, in 1963, I was one month away from my 11th birthday. Today, I am one month away from my 56th.

It has been a long journey from that November 22nd to this one …

On that one, I sat in my fifth-grade classroom listening to radio reports via the school intercom of what was happening nearby in Dallas.

This November 22nd finds me sitting at my computer, writing, and listening to an mp3 file of the same news reports I listened to 45 years ago, the live coverage from KLIF.

I listen to it a lot, not just on November 22, but on this day I always make a point of listening to it. You can listen to it, too.

The recording is raw, unedited. One moment you’re listening to the Chiffons singing “I Have a Boyfriend,” then the world changes.

God, it’s sad …

It’s been a long journey from that November 22nd to this one, for me and for all of us who remember that day.

Of course, we’re a minority now, those of us who remember. Our ranks are thinning. Most people alive today do not remember, cannot remember. They had not been born.

That’s how many times the sun has risen since November 22, 1963.

It’s useful to have experienced that day, to remember the moment you first heard Kennedy was shot, what you were doing, how you felt—to remember what the world was like when you woke up that morning, and how the world felt when you went to bed that night—but it’s not necessary for an understanding of the assassination.

No, all you have to do to understand the assassination is to read the research of Mark Lane, Jim Garrison, Anthony Summers, and so many others, read the findings of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, watch the documentaries, think, use your brain, and then compare all you've learned with the tripe generated by the likes of Gerald Posner and Vincent Bugliosi. Or, if you don’t have time to wade through their fact-omitting distortions, watch the latest mainstream documentary on the subject.

They produce one every year at this time. One of the major networks always puts out a documentary that purports to solve the “mystery” with some new “science.” This year it’s the Discovery Channel, and this time it’s “blood spatter” analysis. And guess what, blood spatter analysis proves the Warren Commission was right all along. Surprise, surprise.

What will it be next year, I wonder. Proving the Magic Bullet Theory with blood spatter analysis will be a hard act to follow.

Maybe they'll come up with a scientific technique to explain away all the witnesses who saw gunmen on the knoll, the Parkland Hospital doctors who saw wounds very different from the autopsy photos, the organized crime and intelligence connections of Ruby and Oswald, and all the rest.

But I digress …

I was saying that you don’t have to have personally experienced November 22, 1963, to understand the meaning of that day. All you have to have experienced is the cover-up, and whether you’re 55 or 15 you’ve experienced the cover-up.

You experience it every time the major media tells you Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. And if you don't believe me, study the subject yourself—really study it, don’t just scroll through John “Factoid” McAdams’ shabby little website and think you know it all—really study it, then you'll know: you’re being lied to …

The sun has risen over another November 22nd, and tonight it will set, the forty-fifth time it has done so since 1963.

On that November evening in 1963, a cold wind blasted across the North Texas prairie. I was in the yard kicking my football, forgetting for a time (as only a child could) the events of earlier that day.

Then I saw black clouds on the northern horizon and it grew so cold I had to go inside, where I watched television and saw Jackie in her blood-stained stockings stepping off the plane.

And outside, the sun set red against the black, and the wind picked up and the temperature fell, and later we froze in the stands and had to leave the game early, and all the flags were at half mast, and on the radio a hospital attendant talked about the president's blood on his hands, and it felt like a curse had fallen on the land.

Forty-five years ago, forty-five November 22nds ago, and so many lies …


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