Friday, December 14, 2007

The Man Who Cherished Waterboarding

In the funny video above, Fox News funny man Greg Gutfeld has the following funny thing to say about the funny topic of waterboarding:

“Now, waterboarding might be torture, but as long as people I hate also hate waterboarding, then I love it more than life itself … So I cherish waterboarding. I want to make it our national sport, our national bird. I want to make the waterboard the state flower of Vermont, instead of the Birkenstock.”

That is so funny. Yes, that’s a real knee slapper, it surely is. A gut buster, you might say. Yessiree. Funniest damn thing I ever heard in all my born days. That Greg Gutfeld sure is a card, ain’t he? Yes indeed. Why, I don’t think anyone’s said anything that funny since the Dawn of Creation. I mean, what could possibly be funnier than half-drowning someone, taking them to the very gates of death, filling them with unspeakable pain and horror, until they agree to say whatever you want if only you will stop?

Yeah, that’s real funny. And Greg Gutfeld is the very soul of wit. He may even be the greatest satirist of all time. Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, move over. Greg Gutfeld has come to town.

Someday Greg Gutfield will die, as must we all. I hope he does not die in a torture chamber, but it is possible, because that is the kind of world he is helping to create. At any rate, whether he dies in a torture chamber or peacefully in his sleep does not matter. The fact is, he will die one way or the other, and on his tombstone will be engraved “The Man Who Cherished Waterboarding.” And, as the Man Who Cherished Waterboarding, it will be his fate to experience waterboarding for all Eternity, over and over and over again, with no hope for mercy. He will beg, he will plead, he will offer to suck the Devil’s very cock and to take into his stomach the Devil’s hot burning sulpherous spunk if only the Devil will stop waterboarding him. And the Devil will agree, and let him suck his cock, and afterwards the Devil will waterboard him again, over and over and over again, for all Eternity. For the Devil is the Father of Lies, and ye reap in Death what ye cherish in Life.

Thus it was written in the Book of Life before the beginning of Time.

Fox News "Comedian" Says Waterboarding a Good Thing

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Listen to PsiOp Radio LiveTonight AND Check Out My Portfolio

Wow, a whole week has already passed and it's time for another live live edition of PsiOp Radio. The show will start at 8 pm EST / 7 pm CST / 6 MST / 5 PST/ 0100 UTC. My co-host SMiles and I have a lot to talk about tonight. A lot has been happening. So be sure to tune in. You can hear us on two networks, Revere Radio and Anomaly Radio. Also, during the show, I'll describe how you can receive a free QSL card and free copies of my "Operation Northwoods/Dead Silence in the Brain" booklet. If you can't listen tonight, remember you can also catch the show, along with past shows, at our PsiOp Radio site.

Yes, a lot's been happening over the past week. I haven't been able to post on this blog due to spending so much time creating my new on-line portfolio. For a long time, I've wanted to put together a portfolio, and now that I'm two months away from retirement from my day job and needing to generate income with freelance illustration work, the matter has become urgent. The portfolio is still under construction, but if you'd like to see what I've done so far you can get a sneak peak here. Let me know what you think.

Well, it's an hour till the show starts. Time to get ready. I hope you can join us!