Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Many thanks to everyone who stopped by Austin Books tonight for my Hotwire signing. It was very well attended and a lot of fun. If you weren't able to make it tonight, be sure to stop by the store soon. Before I left, I signed the remaining copies of both Hotwire 1 and 2, as well as The Bush Junta. These are on sale now, so go to Austin Books and get 'em while they last!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Come to My Book Signing!

If you live in the Austin area, I hope you will drop by Austin Books tomorrow, Wednesday, February 20. I will be signing copies of the just-released comics anthology Hotwire 2, along with copies of my other comics (Bush Junta, Villa of the Mysteries, Mutant Book of the Dead, etc.) and a few out-of-print publications and rarities. I'll also have a few freebies, including copies of my Operation Northwoods comics pamphlet and the first two issues of Anomaly Magazine, the new local activist magazine I am co-publishing with my friends SMiles Lewis, Thom White, and Jeremy Wells. So, please try to make it. I would very much like to meet you. Austin Books is located at 5002 N. Lamar Blvd., and the event will run from 5 to 8 pm.

In other news, SMiles is presently under the weather, therefore we will not be doing a PsiOp Radio tonight. We hope to be back on the air next Tuesday. In the meantime, you can listen to last week's show and other episodes here.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Olbermann to Bush: "You Are a Fascist"

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Flashlight from Hell: Safer than a Taser

An alternative has been found to the Taser. Now, we can all truly feel safe.

The Taser, as you know, has killed at least 300 people over the past few years, thus tarnishing its reputation as a non-lethal weapon. After all, non-lethal weapons are supposed to be—well, not lethal. It is clear, then, that the Taser should be phased out. But what will we replace it with it?

This question has now been answered. The always benevolent Department of Homeland Security, in collaboration with the highly reputable Los Angeles Police Department, has developed a humane device called the LED Incapacitator.

It has been described as a high-tech flashlight. It flashes at such a high frequency that when it reaches the eyes of the target it overloads the brain, causing blindness, headache, and nausea. The target then has no choice but to comply with an order. Compliance of course is always easier when you are groping about in blind agony and vomiting.

These effects are temporary, of course. As David Throckmorton of Homeland Security puts it, the device “doesn’t really do any damage to you.” And why would it? I mean, how could you possibly damage someone by scrambling their brainwaves, frying their eyeballs, and causing them to puke up their intestines? It is absurd even to suggest that such a thing could cause seizures or optical damage, or strangulation on one’s own vomit. Absurd and crazy.

And, of course, we can always trust the police to use it responsibly and only on persons who have brought it on themselves. Deaf persons who do not obey a direct verbal order have no one to blame but themselves. The innocent, as always, have nothing to fear.

Anomaly Magazine #2 Now Available

We have just produced a new edition of Anomaly Magazine, packed full of news, commentary, and other features by myself, SMiles Lewis, Thom White, and Jeremy Wells. It is available free throughout Austin. Here are just a few of the locations where you can find it:

Planet K on South Lamar
Brave New Books on Guadalupe
Dhaba Joy on West 29th Street
Oat Willie’s on West 29th Street
Vulcan Video on West 29th Street
Ruby’s BBQ on Guadalupe
Spiderhouse Cafe on Fruth Street at West 29th
Magic Wok on Guadalupe
Pangaea on Guadalupe
Kerbey Lane on Guadalupe
Hole in the Wall on Guadalupe
Texadelphia on Guadalupe
Pipes Plus Hookah Bar on Guadalupe
Longbranch Inn on 11th Street

If you don't live in Austin, never fear. You can read it on line at our Anomaly Magazine website. Hope you enjoy it!